If you got this far is because you certainly want to know us better. This desire to know that causes us to all seek the new and expect the unexpected. This is what moves the Romeu & Julieta Estúdio for nearly 8 years: surprising and treating every job as unique, using tools and techniques ranging from simple cut a sheet of paper until a Star Destroyer lost in a galaxy far, far away.

But all this only became possible thanks to the union between the couple Jean Campos and Patricia Palma, members and owners of the studio Romeu & Julieta. The Romeu has experience in the fashion market, as well as working for over five years in advertising illustration. Currently serves as creative director of the Studio. Julieta has a degree in Advertising and take care of R&J’s sectors, establishing a friendly and excellent contact with important advertising agencies. Thus, during the existence of the studio we had the opportunity to close partnerships with exceptional customers, illustrating and animating dreams that traveled throughout the world (some say they saw our work walking around Mars as well).

And what would be a good work without also a good team? Besides the passion for what we do, we share the belief that you can always do better. However, sometimes we need regain our strength and, for this, nothing better than a few moments formed by a nice chat, a good soundtrack and a delicious cappuccino break forged with legendary video game battles.

Anyway, this is the Romeu & Julieta Estúdio. Similar to the history of Shakespeare, where two young feed an impossible love, we live and love what we do with the difference that we make what it impossible to see, possible.

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